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Virgin Boy Eggs

urine-soaked eggs in china ..... specifically the urine of little boys!
The eggs sell for 1.50 yuan a piece, or about .24 cents.

urine egg

The key ingredient in 'virgin boy eggs', boys' urine are collected from primary school toilets in Chinese city of Dongyang.
How to prepare Virgin Boy Eggs :
Virgin Boy Eggs is prepared by soaking and cooking eggs in the urine of young boys, preferably below the age of 10.

It takes nearly an entire day to make these unique eggs, starting off by soaking and then boiling raw eggs in a pot of urine. After that, the shells of the hard-boiled eggs are cracked and they continue to simmer in urine for hours.

Locals claim that the eggs have miraculous health properties : the eggs decrease body heat, promote better blood circulation, minimize getting heat stroke and just generally reinvigorate the body.

BTW, don't they think of sanitary issues surrounding the use of urine to cook the eggs?
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