Schoolchildren Scale Sheer Cliffs On Unsecured Wooden Ladders To Get To School In China

schoolchildren climb terrifying mountain in order to go to school in China!
scary route to school in China

Anxious parents of 'Zhang Jiawan' village have no other choice rather to let brave school-children clamber down these dangerous ladders if they want to get an education .. as the school situated in valley below .

dangerous school paths scary school paths

The mountain-top village of only 100 residents in Hunan province, southern China is surrounded by sheer drops on every side, which makes it cut off from the outside world.

dangerous route to school in China terrifying route to school in China

The only way out of this terrifying village in the remote Badagong mountains in Sangzhi county is via series of dangerous wooden ladders leading to valley below with no safety precautions at-all .. unless they've time for a four-hour cross country detour.

Zhang Jiawan village, the mountain-top village
Zhang Jiawan village in southern China