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Top 10 Fastest Double Hundreds in Test Cricket

Irrespective of his clash with West Indies Cricket Board regarding contract issues, for which he removed from captaincy Chris Gayle still best in his field.

The Jamaican blasted his way to the one of the fastest double hundreds in test cricket and the fastest ever by a West Indian cricketer in the ongoing test with Sri Lanka.

Here is a list of top 10 Fastest Double Hundreds in Test Cricket.

Fastest Double Hundreds in Test Cricket
Super Double No.1 - Nathan Astle (153 balls)
Period/ Venue: March 2002, Christchurch
Match Result: England won by 98 runs

Super Double No.2 - Virender Sehwag (168 balls)
Period/ Venue: December 2009, Mumbai
Match Result: India won by an innings

Super Double No.3 - Virender Sehwag (182 balls)
Period/ Venue: January 2006, Lahore
Match Result: Match drawn

Super Double No.4 - Virender Sehwag (194 balls)
Period/ Venue: March 2008, Chennai
Match Result: Match drawn

Super Double No.5 - Herschelle Gibbs (211 balls)
Period/ Venue: January 2003, Cape Town
Match Result: South Africa won by an innings

Super Double No.6 - Adam Gilchrist (212 balls)
Period/ Venue: February 2002, Johannesburg
Match Result: Australia won by an innings

Super Double No.7 - Chris Gayle (220 balls)
Period/ Venue: November 2010, Galle
Match Result: Currently underway

Super Double No.8 - Ian Botham (220 balls)
Period/ Venue: July 1982, Oval
Match Result: Match drawn

Super Double No.9 - Virender Sehwag
Period/ Venue: 2004, Multan
Match Result: India won by an innings

Super Double No.10 - Virender Sehwag
Period/ Venue: August 2008, Galle
Match Result: India won by 170 runs

Woman uses bikini snaps in election campaign ad

Sara May (aka Katarzyna Szczolek) of Poland tried hard (really?) to grab a Warsaw council seat!

(Isn't it Sara May? If not, let me know through comment box below or emailing me, I will remove the pic)

She used sexy photos of her in a bikini for election campaign ad in order to earn a district council seat in her hometown of Warsaw.

In one ad, she is seen lying on the sand in a bikini, declaring herself to be "beautiful, independent, and competent." Another is a close-up photo of her holding a small dog, stating she is "honest, sincere and uncompromising." [ source]

You can visit her website to know more about her.

Miss Pole Dancing Competition | awesome balancing act of beautiful pole dancers

Awesome Balancing Act!

Pole dancers from Colombia, Peru, Argenta, Brazili etc performs their pole dancing routines during the Miss Pole Dancing 2010 competition held in Buenos Aires.

Miss Pole Dancing 2010 Competition

[photo source 1 2]

BTW, is there anyone who can stretch-out like these girls? (ha ha!)

Don't try this at home!
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