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Lebanon Unveils World's Largest Wine Glass

Lebanon unveiled the world's largest wine glass, smashing the previous record set in Portugal in 1998!

Lebanon's World Record Breaking Wine Glass

The giant vessel, which can hold an incredible one hundred bottles unveiled at a wine festival at the Hippodrome in Beirut, Lebanon on Friday and officially declared 'world's largest wine glass ' by Guinness Book of World Records.

World's Largest Wine Glass :
The plexiglass vessel measured 94.48 inches (2.40 metres) in height and 65 inches (1.65 metres) in diameter.
The previous record holding glass measured 59.44 inches (1.51 metres) in height and 57.48 (1.46 metres) at its widest point.

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World's Best Dressed Cabin Crews

According to a recent survey Qatar's cabin crew were voted the most stylish cabin crews of the world!

BTW, here is a good news for desi lovers.

India's Jet Airways came ninth place in the list of 'world's best dressed cabin crews'.

Female Robot Can Sing Like a Pop Star

Beware pop divas, a new pop sensation in town.

It's a Japanese female robot, she can sing she can dance & she is all set to take the international pop world by storm.

Don't she look as real as cute little Japanese princess? 

The 5-feet 2-inch tall humanoid robot 'HRP-4C' of Japan's Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) made her debut at the Digital Contents Expo in Tokyo on 17 October. [ source]

  • It has movable features that are able to mimic the expressions of a human singer.
  • Vocawatcher, a new technology used for facial expressions
  • She is able to 'sing' using a synthesised voice technology that sounds and breathes like a human

Pop Robot | female robot, that can perform like pop divas

Shinichiro Nakazawa, a scientist from the institute told the Daily Mail : 'With the software, we hope to make robots act, sing and even walk on a catwalk during a fashion show. We want to create a new content industry with the technology'.

BTW, have any idea, what the Japanese will come up with next?

Reality of Beaches in Goa (?)

As far as I know, sunny beaches of Goa are free from all troubles and hassles, peoples can have a lovely holiday.

But what I see in these photos (are these fake?) make me think about the reality of Goa beaches.

Pestered Goa Beaches

It's really pathetic watching beaches been pestered by Stray Cattle.

Goa :
Goa is India's smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. Located on the west coast of India in the region known as the Konkan, it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south, while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast. [ source]

Sexy Serbian Tennis Player Ana Ivanovic Served Hot

Some says it's true : 'Ivanovic may have fallen off the rankings chart, but when it comes to looks, she is surely on top'.

Ana Ivanovic :

Born on November 6, 1987, in Belgrade, SR Serbia, Yugoslavia, Ana Ivanovic is a former World No. 1 Serbian tennis player. As of October 11, 2010, she is ranked World No. 29 on the WTA rankings. She won the 2008 French Open and was the runner-up in singles at the 2007 French Open and the 2008 Australian Open. [ source]

BTW, if you are interested tknowmore about her you can visit her official website anaivanovic.com.

Outrageous Celebrity Outfits

If you are somehow aware of celeb style, you already know Lady Gaga is the most popular 'Outrageous Celebrity Outfits' celebs. She is the girl who mesmerize people with her notoriously famous Meat dress.

Also Watch:

But it's not only she, for an unknown (really?) reson 'Outrageous Outfits' are becoming very much popular among celebs all around world.

Celebrity Wacky Outfits

Celebs in this post : Bai Ling, Bjork, Britney Spears, Cher, Courtney Love, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Lil Kim, Margaret Cho, Phoebe Price, Rihanna.

(Don't ask me who are they, it's better to find them on wikipedia, because I myself don't know all of them. Ha ha!)

BTW, what you think, should I have to go through 'Fashion Designing Institute' in order to dsign these types of Outrageous Outfits? (Ha ha!)

Festival of Lights | Berlin Festival of Lights or Festival of Lights Berlin

'Festival of Lights' is an event in Berlin (capital of Germany) where once a year (six years in a row) in October for two weeks illuminations, fireworks and light artistic projections are elaborately staged.

Visitors all around world turn out to see the city glows & sparkle.

'Festival of Lights' in Berlin, Germany

During the festival (from Oct 13 until Oct 24), Berlin's most famous landmarks and impressive buildings (like ) illuminated by colourful lights.

The embassy of the United States, Berlin's famous landmark Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Cathedral etc colourfully illuminated during the sixth 'Festival of Lights' in Berlin, Germany

Few impressions from the Festival of Lights which turns Berlin into a sparkling metropolis with a firework of illuminations.

[ photo source]
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